Self-Promotion is Sexy: Making the Case for Prioritizing Public Relations

A version of this post originally appeared on the Craft Your Content blog. Solopreneurs and small business owners wear many hats — no surprise there. Planning, budgeting, customer service, emailing, writing, invoicing, marketing — the list is endless. However, there’s one key responsibility many content creators and marketers tend to neglect: public relations (PR). Believe […]

They Actually Work: 10 Real Strategies I’m Using to Grow My Instagram

Over the past three months, I’ve challenged myself to do something a bit outside the scope of my normal work — outside of my “business/blog comfort zone.” I set out to grow my Instagram following — a feat much more difficult than I ever anticipated. On July 3, I had 1,348 followers on Instagram. Today in […]

How I Landed My First Freelance Client + The Exact Strategy I Use To Find New Business

When I tell people I quit my safe job in public relations to start my own business, the first question they ask me is, “How do you find clients?” It makes sense. Figuring out how to land clients and find paying work is often a huge barrier for those who want to freelance, start a side […]

Why I Created Personal Branding Bootcamp For You (Plus, a Special Discount)

Almost everything awesome that has happened to me in the past five years is a direct result of my blog and social media presence. A direct result of my personal brand. These are just a handful of the wonderful things I’ve welcomed into my life solely because I made the decision to put myself out […]

Boost Your Brand: 15 Ideas to Use Your Current Platform to Find New Opportunities

If you have a blog, guess what? You have a brand. You ARE a brand. Even if you’ve only been blogging for a little while or don’t feel you have much pull or influence, since you’ve already created a brand, there are SO many ways you can leverage your current platform to find new and […]

Hustle Hard: It All Comes Down to Personal Branding

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking to one of my absolute favorite groups at my alma mater, Temple University. I was invited to keynote at Temple PRSSA’s annual TU Invitational, a day-long conference for public relations students in the Philadelphia area. My session was called “Hustle Hard: Promoting Yourself & Your Business.” The […]

How (Strategically) Working For Free Helped Build My Brand and Career

Last week, popular writing website, The Write Life, published a post I wrote about three times working for free can help your freelance writing career. Things got heated in the comments. Then I asked my Twitter community what they thought- and things got a bit heated there, too. No doubt, working for free is a controversial […]