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Compelling customer case studies

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Show your customers and clients how your product or service works in the wild.

When done right, a case study can:


Turn a prospect
into a client


Showcase your product
or service “IRL"

Speach Bubbles

Tap into your
brand’s superfans

A case study is a powerful sales and marketing tool every business or brand needs.

Case studies, or customer stories, are success stories, so potential clients or customers can see how a product or service works “in the wild.”

Case studies give you the chance to tap into your brand’s super fans and ask them to share with the world why they love working with you, your product or your service.

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"Working with Jessica to create an in depth case study of our client's success story was a dream!

Jessica made the process so easy, and there was no stone left unturned. Our client loved working with her to share about their experience with us and we loved receiving the well created case study (that absolutely made us cry - it was so good)! We highly recommend working with Jessica and can't wait to have her do more case studies in the future for us."

Brittney Lynn, Founder & CEO of The Human Connection Agency

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JL&Co, the go-to agency for content management, has published more than 100 case studies.

Case studies are an important part of the content puzzle — and they can be used in a number of ways:

  • Sales rep sends a case study directly to a prospect.
  • Available for download on your website.
  • Placed in an email marketing funnel.
  • Video testimonial.
  • Social media content.
  • Blog content.

Here are some examples of case studies the JL&Co team has produced.

Muck Rack copy

Jessica has written more than 100 case studies for Muck Rack, helping the sales team bring in new business.

Solo PR Pro

JL&Co has created a series of case studies highlighting our current clients. Here, check out our work with Solo PR Pro.

HCA logo - Edited

JL&Co partnered with The Human Connection Agency to publish their first case study ft. their client Tanya Dalton.


“Jessica started working on case studies with us back in 2016.

At the time, we had a lean team and we’d only written a handful. To date, Jessica has helped us create more than 100 of these—she owns the process from outreach to delivery.They are an essential sales tool for us that helps us bring on new clients across so many different industries. With Jessica's help, our case study strategy has evolved so we can make an even greater impact company-wide, helping us meet our business goals while giving prospects an 'aha' moment."


Want a peek inside JL&Co’s five-step case study process? Here’s how it works.

Bonus: It only requires 45 minutes of your time so you can focus on what you do best!

  • One

    Quick Chat

    Let’s learn about your goal for this case study. During this Zoom call, I’ll show you case study examples and we’ll talk about format and voice for the case study. I’ll ask you a couple of questions about how you plan to use the case study and questions about the customer/client you’re going to feature.

  • Two

    Question development

    Now that we know a bit about how you plan to use the case study and who you’re featuring, we’ll come up with a list of questions for the case study interview. We’ll send them your way for approval!

  • Jessica_Lawlor_Three@2x

    Schedule and coordinate a time to chat with your client/customer

    You make the intro, and we’ll take it from there! We’ll schedule and coordinate a time to chat with your customer to complete the case study interview.

  • Four

    Conduct case study interview

    This is my personal favorite part of the process! We’ll conduct the interview, record it on Zoom and get it transcribed with Otter. We’re happy to send you the audio. It’s always fun to hear your customers glowing feedback about you!

  • Five

    Write the case study and send it your way

    Here’s where the ~magic~ happens! We’ll write the case study and send you a completed draft via Google docs. Want to make some changes? Have other ideas? This is a collaborative process, so we’re happy to make a round of edits before sending the shiny, final draft your way.

Voila! You now have a beautiful marketing tool to share with your next prospect!

Let’s work together

If you’re a business owner or marketing or sales lead who could use a hand with creating and producing case studies, let’s chat!

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"Jessica's case studies have been an invaluable asset in helping our sales team close more deals.

The case studies provide social proof and third party testimonials that effectively highlight the value of our product. I especially appreciate how Jessica has been a willing partner to our sales team over the years to understand the needs of the team and how she continues to develop case studies that will have the greatest impact on our sales process."

Andrew Flynn, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales at Muck Rack

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Case studies, or customer stories, are success stories, so potential clients or customers can see how a product or service works “in the wild.”