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Creating a Content Strategy: 12 Steps to Help You Get Started

Creating content isn’t just a one-and-done process. It requires a thoughtful content strategy. As a managing editor, I outlined a 12-step process to creating content.
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Why Every Business With (Or Without) a Content Strategy Needs a Managing Editor

Every company can benefit from a content strategy. That’s where a managing editor (hi!) can help. I pull back the curtain on JL&Co and explain how I work with clients.
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5 Common Content Misconceptions (And Why They’re Totally Wrong)

As a content manager, I’ve encountered quite a few misconceptions around content creation. I’m sharing five of the most common (and why they’re wrong).

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I Wrote 100 Case Studies — A 6-Step Guide for Telling Compelling Customer Stories

I’ve spearheaded 100 case studies for one of my long-term clients. Now, I’m sharing my six-step guide — plus tons of pro tips — to writing effective case studies.

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Insights From The PR Talk Podcast: Spilling on Content Management, Pitching, Business in 2020 and More

I recently caught up with Amy Rosenberg on the PR Talk Podcast to talk all things content management and share what I’ve been up to this past year.

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How Planning a Wedding is Just Like Running a Business

As a bride-to-be in the thick of planning a wedding and a business owner, here are five ways planning a wedding is just like running a business.

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