The Beauty of Being a Beginner

Last week, my little sister Jamie joined me for her first-ever yoga class. FIRST-EVER! Despite me being a yoga teacher, Jamie had never been to a class and I couldn’t wait to see what she thought of one of the things I’m most passionate about in the world. The day we went to that first […]

One Year of Teaching Yoga: Milestones, Gifts, Lessons and Gratitude

One year ago today, my whole life changed. The funny/synchronistic thing is, at the time I had NO idea that major change was about to take place, but isn’t that how the most beautiful things in life tend to go? One year ago today, I woke up on a sunny Sunday morning in June feeling […]

I Meditated For 50 Days Straight. Here’s What Happened.

Throughout any given day, we have between 60-80,000 thoughts. That’s quite a lot happening in our minds. My thoughts begin the moment I wake up and don’t stop until the day’s end when I shut my eyes and immediately fall asleep, exhausted from the activities of the day. The thoughts are constant…about work, friendships, relationships, […]

{Yoga With Jessica} 7 Exciting Things Happening In My Yoga World

It’s no secret that yoga has completely changed my life. My personal transformation through yoga and journey to becoming a teacher is well documented here on this blog. I love that you’ve all joined me on this ride- and I hope my story has inspired some of you to start your own practice! Since I left my […]

The Get Gutsy Annual Review: Highlights from 2015

Happy New Year! 2016 is here, but before we jump in with full force, it’s time for some much-needed year-end reflection. In July I completed my mid-year check-in and now with the arrival of the new year  it’s time for a full-on Get Gutsy annual review. Every year, I detail my top highlights from the year […]

25 Lessons From Teaching My First 25 Yoga Classes

A little more than a year ago, I published a popular post, “100 Lessons From 100 Yoga Classes.” The post detailed the many (100, in fact) lessons I’ve learned on my mat from my wonderful teachers at Dana Hot Yoga. Since writing that post in August of 2014, so much has changed. I’ve continued my practice as a student […]

What Makes Your Eyes Light Up?

It’s no secret that I talk about yoga a lot, both here on the blog and in my real life. Deep inside, I know that yoga is one of my greatest passions. However, it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I realized just how deep that passion runs- and how obvious it is to […]