Hello Beautiful! How A Blow Dry Bar Goes Above and Beyond To Make Customers Feel Amazing

Last summer, a friend introduced me to an amazing concept I’d never heard of before- a blow dry bar. We were heading to a formal event one night in August and she suggested we get our hair done for the party and mentioned a local business called BLO/OUT. I wasn’t familiar, but was definitely intrigued. What’s a blow […]

+1 For Purina: Personalized Messages on Social Media Turn Animal Lovers Into Potential Customers

Social media is an ever-evolving medium and just when I think nothing can impress me, a brand has to go and truly blow me away. This is another story (like my FatCow example here or Dunkin’ Donuts Philadelphia story here) about a company who just gets it when it comes to communicating online. Last week, […]

Social Media Marketing Done Right: How FatCow Won My Heart (And Business) For Life

Because I work in PR and social media, I keep my eyes and ears open for the latest trends, news and case studies of companies who just get social media marketing. I thought I was at the point where nothing much could impress me…after all, companies will do almost anything to get attention online. But […]

Philly’s Coolest Tweet & Greet: How @DunkinPhilly is Rocking Social Media

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a mysterious event dubbed “Philly’s Coolest Tweet & Greet.” All I knew was that it was hosted by Dunkin’ Donuts Philadelphia (@DunkinPhilly) and that the event would be held at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles play. I arrived at The Linc with my friend Lindsay, […]

Three Reasons Temple University’s #TempleMade Campaign Works (And Makes Me Proud To Be An Alum)

As I was scrolling through Facebook a few months ago, the photo to the left caught my eye. “Self Made. Philly Made. Temple Made.” The status update came from my alma mater, Temple University. Since then, I’ve seen the “Temple Made” campaign everywhere; billboards along the highways in Philadelphia, commercials on television, YouTube videos and […]