Social Media Marketing Done Right: How FatCow Won My Heart (And Business) For Life

Because I work in PR and social media, I keep my eyes and ears open for the latest trends, news and case studies of companies who just get social media marketing. I thought I was at the point where nothing much could impress me…after all, companies will do almost anything to get attention online.

But a couple of weeks ago, I found myself absolutely blown away by a company. FatCow, to be specific.

FatCow is the company I’ve used for the past three years to host my website. They were recommended to me by my first web designer. At that point, I didn’t know much about websites, so I happily took her recommendation and signed up with FatCow.

Every time I have a small issue with my website or when it comes time to renew my domain and I’m confused, I use FatCow’s live chat customer service feature. Most companies have them, right? Nothing crazy, here. But every, single time, I have a wonderful experience. I’m tended to in a speedy and friendly manner, and always log off with all my questions answered, and website intact.

So, after my last interaction with the company, I sent out the following tweet:

FatCow Tweet

I noticed that FatCow favorited my tweet, but again didn’t think much of it. At work, we star several tweets and screenshot Facebook posts to send around to the team, include in presentations, use for award submissions and for a variety of other reasons.

A few weeks after the tweet, I came home to a package in the mail. The envelope said it was from Etsy, which seemed kind of curious to me considering the only purchase I’ve made on the site was my iPhone case in December. I opened the envelope and was greeted with a small box.

How FatCow absolutely blew me away with their incredible social media marketing.

Inside the box was a bracelet inscribed with the words “Oh the places you’ll go.” The very same bracelet that I pinned to my Jewelry & Accessories Pinterest board nearly a year ago with the caption, “WANT!”

Delighted, but still a bit confused, I reached for the note and read the following:

Thank you for your kind words on Twitter to @FatCow. Enjoy this gift from us! Thanks from FatCow.”

UM, WHAT?! My brain began churning a mile a minute with questions and thoughts.

Did FatCow seriously just send me a gift simply because I said something nice (but completely honest) on Twitter? And wait…how did they know that I wanted this very bracelet? Where have I seen this bracelet before? OH MY GOD, on Pinterest. WAIT, OH MY GOD, FatCow looked at my Pinterest boards and sent me a personalized gift. WHOA. They are GOOD.

Thank you, FatCow!Of course, like any good social media professional, I immediately took to all my social networks to spread the word (Side note: My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends were all VERY impressed with FatCow’s social media efforts).

I sent a tweet to thank FatCow and was again blown away by their response. The fact that the company specifically researched my Pinterest account to find a gift that they knew I would love impressed me to no end.

Of course, there’s a bigger lesson here than FatCow simply sending me an awesome present. Here are four things FatCow did right when it comes to social media marketing, and how other companies can do the same:

1. Pay attention. FatCow clearly carefully monitors their social media accounts and takes note when customers reach out with concerns, comments or compliments. By starring my tweet, they now have it saved and can refer back to it at any time. Companies can also email tweets from many third party sites (like Hootsuite, for example) to save tweets they’d like to hold onto.

2. Show appreciation. FatCow obviously went above and beyond in showing their appreciation in this instance, but companies can thank their customers in other ways online too. By simply monitoring social media sites and replying to both positive and negative comments, companies can show customers that they care. Companies would be surprised to learn how excited every day consumers are when a brand interacts with them online.

3. Master the art of delight and surprise. We talk about delight and surprise a lot at work (specifically, this KLM Surprise campaign case study) and how much of an impact it can have on a consumer. FatCow did exactly that. When I opened that small box, I was completely shocked and immediately super excited. It was a very simple moment that I will remember for a long time. Also, when I wear that bracelet (which I’ve been doing almost every day!) I am reminded of FatCow and my positive experience with the company.

4. Any company can impress.ย What I love most about this whole experience is that in general, when you think of companies rocking social media, a web hosting company isn’t usually the first to come to mind. But FatCow proves that ANY company can excel at social media and make an impact on their customers and potential customers.

Thank you, FatCow! You’ve definitely earned a customer for life.

What other companies are rocking social media by mastering the art of delight and surprise? Share stories and examples in the comments.

Disclaimer: FatCow did NOT pay me to write this post, nor do I receive any type of discount for their web hosting services. I’m simply an ecstatic customer and wanted to share my experience with a great company. If you are interested in using FatCow, they have let me know that if you use my name or domain name as a referral, I will receive credit with the company.

  • This is an amazing story and I am glad that you shared it. It brings us all back to the theory that “people want to do business with their friends”.The attention and care they provided have proven just that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jessica Lawlor

      ABSOLUTELY! I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Wow! I am super impressed with FatCow and their personalized service. More companies should follow their lead!

    • Jessica Lawlor

      Totally agree!

  • Wow, that’s really impressive! I use FatCow for my website too. Nice to know they care about their customers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jessica Lawlor

      Completely agreed! Hope you’ve had as awesome an experience with FatCow as I have.

  • Right on! FatCow has been my host of choice for at least 4 or 5 (or more?) years. They are the best! BUT – the wonderment of being specifically social is not all. Their servers that host all of these sites are, in fact (at least to the best of my recollection), powered by wind. Yep – that breeze not only blows your hair back, but also spins your website forward. rules! Of course, catchy names like “FatCow” really moos (or meows) to my site’s name, hee hee

    • Jessica Lawlor

      WHOA. I had no idea. How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

  • FatCow gets majorly enthusiastic applause for their outreach efforts. I mean, IMPRESSIVE.
    I’ve never used this company nor have I ever heard of them (until your tweets & instagram post) but I plan on spreading the word about them to others who may be in the market for a web host.

    • Jessica Lawlor

      That is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to hear my post helped inform you about FatCow and how awesome they are!

  • This is totally amazing – I have never heard of service like that before, and even just an awesome customer service experience is enough to make a customer happy – to have them go above and beyond is simply amazing. Great post for other companies as well, just in terms showing companies they can go above and beyond in their own ways.

    • Jessica Lawlor

      Exactly! I had no idea they would go so above and beyond to ensure I was a happy customer, but it’s definitely appreciated…and makes me want to spread the word even more about them!

  • That is the coolest thing ever!!!!

    • Jessica Lawlor

      I KNOW. I <3 FatCow!

  • Forwarded this post to a friend looking for a domain host. Marketing success!!

    • Jessica Lawlor

      LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

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