I’m Having a “Pinch Myself” Moment: 6 Perks of Being Your Own Boss

Okay, things got a little heavy last week as I shared the real and gritty downsides to running a business.  While those seven pitfalls are certainly true, there are many wonderful perks to being your own boss! It’s no wonder so many people dream of quitting their jobs to do exactly what I’m doing. After […]

It’s Not Always Sexy: 7 Things That Really Suck About Running a Business

Before I started JL&Co, when I only daydreamed about what it might be like to be my own boss, I often envisioned the following scenarios: Waking up slowly, no pesky alarms, places to be or bosses to answer to Working remotely from an exotic destination, sipping on a fruity drink, casually answering emails Going to […]

From Side Hustle to CEO: A Year 2, Quarter 1 Update & Income Breakdown

In 2015, I resigned from my job working in public relations to take my side hustle (freelancing, blogging and teaching) full time. Throughout my first year in business, I documented every step in my Becoming CEO series. I wrote monthly reports documenting my income, lessons learned and highs and lows. As I enter year two, I’m no […]

The Brutally Honest Truth About What Happens When You Turn Your Passions Into Your Career

I’m in a rut. Running a business has so many perks: schedule flexibility, the ability to choose the type of work I want to do, no “boss” to report back to…and, it’s worth repeating again, schedule flexibility. However, running a solo business also has its pitfalls: lack of structure, loneliness, little-to-no collaboration, and a general feeling […]

How I Landed My First Freelance Client + The Exact Strategy I Use To Find New Business

When I tell people I quit my safe job in public relations to start my own business, the first question they ask me is, “How do you find clients?” It makes sense. Figuring out how to land clients and find paying work is often a huge barrier for those who want to freelance, start a side […]

Here’s Exactly How Much it Costs to Run an Online Business: A Peek Inside My 2016 Business Expenses

When I quit my job to start my own business last February, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I anticipated roadblocks and expected to face twists and turns along the way. One thing I hadn’t quite considered? How expensive it actually is to run a business. After all, my business is run almost […]

From Side Hustle to CEO: Celebrating One Year in Business

February 1 will always hold a special place in my heart. One year ago today, I took a giant leap into the unknown when I quit my safe and comfortable 9-5 job and officially started my business. For the past 12 months, I’ve documented every step of the journey in my Becoming CEO series. From detailing […]