3 Reasons I Knew It Was The Right Time To Quit My Job and Start My Business

It was right around this time of year in 2015 that I came to the exciting, yet terrifying decision that I was going to quit my job to start my own business.  When I tell people my story, the first question they ask is: “How did you know it was the right time to quit […]

I Run My Own Business: Here’s What A Typical Day In The Life Looks Like

Now that my purposefully-slow summer has come to an end, I’m back in the thick of running and growing JL&Co, redesigning my website and teaching an undergraduate PR writing course at Temple University.  Life is a little busy right now! (I’m also trying to stay sane while working on all of the above, but that’s a […]

So Long Sweet Summer: It’s Time to Get Back In The Swing of Things

And just like that, another summer draws to a close. Yes, I know summer doesn’t “technically” end until late September, but every August, the anticipation for fall seems to creep in earlier and earlier. I mean, did you see Starbucks completely jumped the gun and started selling pumpkin spice lattes today?! I don’t know about […]

This Inspirational Quote Absolutely Drives Me Up A Wall

Before I start my rant, know this: I love inspirational quotes.  As I sit here writing this post in my office, I have a full view of my quote gallery wall. Despite some calling it “inspiration porn” I’m on board with the thousands of motivational quotes you can’t help but stumble upon these days as […]

The Smartest Decision I’ve Made as a Business Owner: Hiring a Team Member

When you enter into the world of starting a business or becoming a solopreneur, there’s a lot of discussion about the importance of bringing on help and growing a team. In the early stages of freelancing and then quitting my job to start JL&Co, I read about the topic constantly on blogs and heard it […]

When One Door Closes: The Important Lesson I Learned From Losing a Client

What’s that old saying? “Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together.” I’ve always believed this sentiment to be true — every time something “bad” happens in my business or my life, something rewarding usually results from the negative experience. It may not be immediate (and I definitely do my fair share of […]

I’ve Put This Project Off For a Year (And Now It’s Finally Going to Happen)

There’s a major project I’ve had on my mind (and my ever-present backburner to-do list) for more than a year. It’s a rebrand and redesign of this very website. I launched JessicaLawlor.com nearly six years ago now. Back then, the site was simply a blog, but over the years, it shifted and eventually turned into the digital […]