So Long Sweet Summer: It’s Time to Get Back In The Swing of Things

And just like that, another summer draws to a close. Yes, I know summer doesn’t “technically” end until late September, but every August, the anticipation for fall seems to creep in earlier and earlier. I mean, did you see Starbucks completely jumped the gun and started selling pumpkin spice lattes today?! I don’t know about […]

When One Door Closes: The Important Lesson I Learned From Losing a Client

What’s that old saying? “Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together.” I’ve always believed this sentiment to be true — every time something “bad” happens in my business or my life, something rewarding usually results from the negative experience. It may not be immediate (and I definitely do my fair share of […]

8 Pieces of Advice I’d Give My Twenty-Something Self

Now that I possess all the infinite wisdom that comes with being 30 years old (kidding, of course), I’ve been thinking a lot about what life was like in my twenties. Graduating from college, entering the real world, starting a career, discovering new passions, going on bad first dates — it’s all par for the […]

Turning 30: Words of Wisdom from 30 Women Who’ve Been There

In just a few days, on March 11, I’ll celebrate my 30th birthday. For many people, women especially, turning 30 can be an exciting (and sometimes anxiety-inducing) milestone. Believe me, I’m right there kinda-sorta freaking out just a tad about the big 3-0.  So I decided to turn my anxiety into action.  I turned to my […]

The State of Jessica Lawlor & Company: A Look Back at Year Two in Business

Earlier this month, Jessica Lawlor & Company (JL&Co) celebrated its second year in business! Each year on my business anniversary, I like to take a bit of time to reflect on the day in 2015 that I quit my PR job, and the terrifying, yet exhilarating weeks and months that followed as I introduced JL&Co […]

I Looked at Timehop Every Day For a Year (And Then I Deleted The App)

Are you familiar with Timehop? The popular app “gathers your social media content and photos from across your favorite platforms and shows it to you on its anniversary, everyday.” Timehop is a pretty freaking cool app — one I’ve been a fan of for the past few years. As described above, Timehop rounds up ALLLLLL of […]

Stepping Out Of My Health & Fitness Comfort Zone (Again)

And so it seems that every time you step out of your comfort zone, that comfort zone stretches just a litttttttle more, making each next step a bit scarier. But, as I’ve always said, the best things in life start happening when you push yourself just beyond that point of discomfort. Better known here, of […]