How Do You Envision Your Future?

how do you envision your future?- Jessica Lawlor“It is not really our eyes that see, but our minds.”

Through yoga teacher training, I’ve been learning about the chakra system. The word ‘chakra’ translates to mean wheel and refers to seven energy centers flowing throughout the body. Understanding each of your chakras and any excesses or deficiencies you may have associated with a particular chakra can help you better understand your world and the way you interact with yourself and others.

For more about the chakras, I highly recommend the book Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith- it has been lifechanging.

Recently, we read the chapter on the sixth chakra- the “third eye” chakra, all about seeing and visioning.

The sixth chakra may be about “seeing”, yet that doesn’t necessarily mean physically seeing using your eyes. Instead, chakra six is more about intuition, imagination and visualization. To me, it represents the future and all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

While the universe does have a plan for all of us, we still hold some power in choosing how we get there. We have the power to visualize what we want, formulate a plan and go after what’s truly important to us.

Just by spending time thinking about how we envision our futures, we set ourselves on the right path. When we lay out what we want and put it out into the world, we open our hearts and our minds to all of the possibilities.

Here are some of the things I envision when I think about my future and what I want from life.

It’s funny; when I think of envisioning my future, of course, lots of physical things, people and plans come to mind. I’m extremely Type A, so planning is something that comes naturally to me. I’m always thinking ahead to my next goals.

More than anything, when I envision my future, I really and truly first envision a feeling. That feeling is one of peace and calm. Currently, I am pretty much the opposite of peace and calm, always feeling rushed, busy and disconnected. When I think of what I want my future to look like, I envision a much more peaceful, calm and relaxed version of myself.

I picture someone with less anxiety and less worries. Of course, I recognize that peace is not possible 100% of the time, but know that there are better ways of coping and dealing and making choices reflective of the way I want to feel. This feels like progress to me to even recognize that wanting this feeling is something I can visualize and work toward, especially when a few months ago, if asked this same question, I would likely rattle off a list of goals and/or accomplishments I want to achieve in my life. Those things are important too, but it feels good to strive instead for a feeling.

When it does come to actual things, people and places, I first and foremost envision family. Both my current immediate family whom I am extremely close with, but also of a family of my own creation. I can see a husband and kids, two things I know for sure that I want in my life. I picture happy family get togethers with my parents, siblings and all of our significant others and children. Bringing that image to mind brings me so much joy- I truly hope that one day, I’ll see that vision become a reality.

I envision love. I see a beautiful, caring, lighthearted relationship filled with happy moments, laughter, fun, adventure and deep connection. I envision a relationship that is equal- one where despite busy schedules and the craziness of everyday life, we create time for one another, without fail.

I picture a life filled with yoga, a life where my personal practice, teaching and connecting with others is one of the central parts of my world. I’ve already seen so many amazing benefits from practicing yoga for just under two years, I can’t even begin to imagine what a lifetime of yoga can do for me. In my future, I hope that I can continue to spread the power of yoga to others through teaching, so that they can experience the same transformation I have been lucky enough to experience. I also hope in my future that I will take continue to take my own yoga education seriously, continuing not only to practice, but also to complete additional trainings and certifications. I envision a life filled with constant learning and growing.

I envision doing work that cobbles together all of the things I love and hold dear: writing, speaking, public relations and yoga. I envision a life where I carefully choose the people I work with and ensure that the projects I take on both excite me and align with my values and goals.

I picture a life filled with adventure, but also one filled with a sense of ease and without a sense of hurry. I’d love to travel the world, without the restrictions of limited time off. I want to travel slowly, experiencing each place I go, immersing myself in new cultures and people.

But still, I come back to the desire for that feeling- the feeling of peace and calm in a world where everything is fast-paced and crazy. With that feeling, knowing that ALL things are possible, knowing that the future is a blank slate ready to be written on and knowing that I have the power to create my own reality.

How do you envision YOUR future? Have you ever created a vision board? Tell me in the comments below!

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