Three Words For 2015

three words for 2015- Jessica LawlorI used to be the queen of New Year’s resolutions.

But for the past two years, this goal and list-loving gal hasn’t sat sat down at the end of December to write out a laundry list of resolutions or goals for the year ahead.

A couple of years ago, I came to the realization that my New Year’s goals were always super tactical (i.e. launch a product, grow my email list, complete yoga teacher training, etc.) And while tactics are important for breaking down big goals to get things done, I knew I wanted my year to be more strategic, thoughtful and intentional.

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That’s where my three words come in.

Instead of setting a list of arbitrary goals for the year (don’t worry! I still love goals and will continue to set them on a weekly basis in my Start Your Week Right Sunday posts and on a monthly basis in my monthly check-ins), I choose three strong and powerful words to constantly keep in mind throughout the year to keep me focused on the big picture.

In 2013, my three words were: passion, simplify and balance.

In 2014, my three words were: radiant, instinct and clarity.

Here are the three words that I’d like to guide me through 2015:

1. Light. A big theme in yoga is feeling light, yet feeling grounded to the earth at the same time. What a beautiful idea. 2014 felt….heavy. Despite it being an amazing year, I spent most of my days feeling both physically and mentally drained and exhausted with an overall feeling of heaviness hanging over me. The word light has a double meaning of both FEELING light, but also BEING a light for the Get Gutsy community. When you feel light, your mind is clear and you are able to stay focused and present in the moment. Similarly, I want to BE a light for this incredible community. I want to continue sharing content that inspires and makes you stop and think about the kind of life you are living. I’m confident the word light will remind me to take deep breaths, roll my shoulders back, shake it off and stay focused and clear on my purpose.

2. Choice. When I was talking to my friend Joanna about my three words, I was explaining to her that I was looking for a word that would help me remember to protect my energy. In 2014, I gave a lot of myself to others and their priorities and while I want to continue being as helpful as possible, I also want to protect my energy and keep it focused on my own wellbeing, projects and goals first. Joanna said, “What about the word ‘choice?'” As soon as she said it, I knew it was one of my words. Choice is a great reminder that we almost always have the opportunity to make a choice when it comes to how we spend our time, money, energy, etc. The word choice will be a constant reminder that it’s okay to say no sometimes and that I’ll be in a better place to serve my community and live a happier life when I am 100% confident in my own choices.

3. Possibility. I don’t think there’s a more beautiful word in the English language than possibility. Not only does it sound and feel beautiful to hear and say out loud, the meaning behind it is incredibly inspirational. Every day, I wake up with so much hope in my heart- there is SO much possibility in life and it’s up to us to discover and explore what that means. I have a lot of BIG plans for 2015 that I’m not ready to talk about yet, but I thought the word possibility perfectly summed up the way I feel about the year ahead. The year is a blank slate just FILLED with opportunities for all of us. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Looking at the word possibility each day will remind me that life is good and there’s enough happiness and hope out there for ALL of us to enjoy.

What are your three words for 2015? Do you believe in setting goals or making resolutions for the New Year? If so, I’d love to see them! Share your goals or words in the comments below.

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  • Love your picks! The word “light” in particular…never a word I would think of to be a guiding theme but your explanation is perfectly wonderful.

    My three words this year: faith (in my God, in myself, in others), passion (do more of what moves me, less of what doesn’t), and freedom (of debt, of doubt, free to make the choices that suit me best).

    I’ve always loved making resolutions/goals but find choosing three words to be an even better fit. Though my words for 2014 didn’t seem to fit in the latter months of the year, I feel very confident my choices this year will see me through all year long. I was much more thoughtful and intentional when choosing my words.

    Here’s to a joyful, prosperous, and gutsy 2015!

    • Happy New Year, Amy! 🙂

      Glad you like my definition and explanation of ‘light.’ It’s not a word I originally thought I’d pick for myself, but I actually really love it because of what it personally means to me.

      Love your three words! Passion is an amazing word and faith is a very strong word.

      Good luck with your words! Happy 2015! <3

  • CharityS

    Love your words this year! I am so glad I started using this idea last year. My words last year were: courage, commitment and adventure. They really helped guide me through many decisions and experiences. This year I have selected: focus (on the things that matter and not on the things that don’t), simplify (my stuff, my work, my life to make room for calm and peace around me), and strength (it is time to rebuild some mental and emotional strength I feel has been depleted over the last year or two). Thank you for sharing this idea with us and Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, Charity! It has been so much fun chatting with you over the past year about our words.

      I thought about making adventure one of my words because some of the things I have planned would fall under that bucket, but ultimately, I decided that ‘possibility’ covered all of the above. Haha.

      I really like your words for this year….focus is a really good one and strength is an amazing word that I’m sure will have a major impact on you.


  • Great picks, Jess. I love “choice” – it’s something well needed for many of us as we try to stretch ourselves thin for others. I’m still working on my 3 words for 2015, but intend to have them set by the end of the second week of January. Ah, new years are so refreshing!

    • Thank you, Katharina! Choice is one of my favorites too. It’s such a simple word, but something we often forget! I can’t wait to hear your words- please write about them or come back here and let me know what they are 🙂

  • Simon Oh

    My three words this year mirror that of last year: recovery, stability and happiness. I failed to achieve any of these outright last year although I like to think the beginning of each slowly began when 2014 came to a close. So help me God if I have to repeat these three words around this time next year.

    Also, I set expectations as opposed to resolutions. I still hope to achieve some pretty important things while not setting concrete benchmarks. You can read all about it here.

    • Hey- it’s totally okay to repeat words! I almost wanted to repeat radiant because I love that word so much! I think your words are very important and absolutely carry over from year to year. You got this, Simon! I have complete confidence in you.

      Can’t wait to check out your expectations!

  • Mine are risk for my work life, humility for my marriage, and wholeness for me. 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Ohhh, risk! That’s a good one! Humility is a very strong word and I just love the idea behind the word wholeness. Excellent choices!

      Here’s to a fab year for both of us, Akirah! xox

  • I love the words you’ve selected for this year! Mine are kindness, patience, and mindfulness.

    • Thanks Vanessa! I like your words, too. Mindfulness is a great one, especially! xo

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  • Elizabeth Mays

    I think this is a beautiful idea! Obviously one of my words is Possibility. Last year was very rough for me, but the possibilities are endless in 2015. To achieve anything, though, I have to stay focused, otherwise I’ll get lost in the sea of possibilities. So Focus is my second word. The third word I’ve chosen for 2015 is Love. I’ve realized that I keep searching for love from elsewhere, but I have to put love out into the universe and find it within myself as well. (My New Year has already started out with more love than last year, so here’s hoping the trend continues!) Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Love that you share my sentiments about the word possibility!

      Focus is another great word…one I need to keep in mind, as well.

      Ohhhh, and LOVE. What a beautiful word and your explanation behind it is even more beautiful.

      So glad you shared these with me- thank you! xo

  • Love the three word idea! Definitely the first one one is Gratitude – essential to who I am and who I desire to be.
    Number 2 is Present (as in “Be Present”),
    #3 is Shine. I am like a phoenix rising from the ashes of 2014, and I plan to use the light not only to illuminate my own way forward, but to help light a path for others.

    • Thanks so much, Penny!

      Gratitude is a wonderful word, as is present. It’s really hard for me to stay in the moment sometimes.

      Love the word shine! That was on my shortlist of words, but I ultimately went with “light.” Your description of shine is gorgeous though. Thank you very much for sharing with me!

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  • My three words this year are “less is more.” Weeding out magazines I’ve written for for years and clients who are deadweight and just sticking to the ones that I am passionate about and which the relationship is beneficial on both ends.

    • Less is more! PERFECT. I love it so much! I am planning on doing less (more strategically) in 2015, as well.

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  • smbrink

    Love these words, Jess! Possibility is definitely something I’m keeping in mind for 2015, and choice is a big subject in my life right now! I think my biggest influence for this new year, though, is “trying.” I think so often I crowd myself into a small space and am too afraid to try new things in fear of failure… knocking that down this year!

    • Thanks Sara!

      I LOVE the word ‘trying.’ Great choice!

      Good luck- I know you’ll make yourself proud this year. xox

  • I really love the way you choose three words as guidance for the year! I like to pick one mantra (still deciding!) and set some long-term goals, which I’ll be “revealing” tomorrow on my blog. Biggest goal is to move into my own apartment in August or September. That’s going to be a fun (and slightly scary?) goal to accomplish!

    • Thanks Stephany! It has truly helped guide my year- kind of surprising since I love goals so much! Haha.

      Can’t wait to see what you reveal on the blog!

      Ahhhh, YES, that is a big and scary goal! I know you can do it though.


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  • Lauren K. Gray

    Hi Jess! I love your words and thanks for inspiring me to write my own words last year and this year. You will also love this post from Fast Company:

    • Thanks so much for writing your own post again, Lauren! Heading over to check it out shortly. Awesome Fast Company article too!

  • I use one word. The one from last year still fits: f-r-u-i-t-i-o-n.

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