Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

Today, I’m participating in The Broke and Bookish’sweekly feature Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s topic is:

Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

Prior to starting Cover to Cover two years ago, I was an avid rereader. If I loved a book, you can bet that less than a year later, I would have read it two, maybe three times. But since becoming a book blogger, and discovering so many fantastic books, I haven’t reread a book once. Crazy, I know. However, when I do start rereading again, these are the books I’ll definitely be starting with.

1. Harry Potter series: This is pretty much a given! I think I could read these books over and over again and never get sick of them.

2. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver: I was so impressed by this book, and I feel like it’s the kind of book that you get more out of the second time you read it.

3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver: I raced my way through DELIRIUM because I was so immersed in the story. I’d like to read it again slower, and really appreciate the entire book.

4. God Never Blinks by Regina Brett: This fantastic book outlines so many little life lessons; perfect for many rereads in the future!

5. Mostly Good Girls by Leila Sales: MOSTLY GOOD GIRLS knocked me off my feet. I was captured by Leila Sales’ writing style and would love to reread this one to pick up some tips and tricks.

6. The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot: Oh this series…pure love from the time I was 13 until now and forever more. I actually have reread this series already and plan to do so many, many more times.

7. The Giver by Lois Lowry: This book is the original dystopian novel, in my eyes. It was certainly the first one I ever read and it was the first book that was required reading for school that I actually enjoyed.

8. The Great Gatsby: In high school, I didn’t truly take advantage of all of the wonderful books we read in English class. I think if I took the opportunity to try some of them again (including this one) I would absolutely love them.

9. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: Much like DELIRIUM, I raced my way through this book because I was so enamored with the story. When I reread this, I know I’ll fall in love with a million tiny things, as well as the overall story.

10. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger: Of course, I adored THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, but this book about a PR pro obviously has a place close to my heart. Now that I actually work in PR, it will be fun to reread this one!

What books do you want to reread?


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Want To Reread”

  1. You have a great list here too! I can’t believe I forgot Anna and the French Kiss. I bought it on my nook just so that I would have it with me to read whenever I wanted. I will definitely reread that one.

    I think I may go back and read some of the high school assigned books too – but I did read some of them again in college – The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick – I had to read that sucker twice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I haven’t re-read much since I started blogging, too! But I tend to keep all my favorite books just in case I want to read them again down the road. The series I most want to start again is Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling books — or just Perfect Fifths, if nothing else.

    I did wind up re-reading The Great Gatsby many times in school — because it was constantly being assigned as reading! And I definitely want to read the Harry Potter books again. I was thinking about that this entire summer, waiting for the final film.

  3. I have both Lauren Oliver books and Anna and the French Kiss on my list as well. I tore through those books and love everything about them, so they definitely qualify as rereads. I’ve only started my blog two months ago, and I’m finding that I haven’t been able to reread books as much as I used to. It seems like all my time goes towards new books to keep my reviews going (which isn’t a bad thing at all!) These books are so good though, that maybe I’ll make some time to revisit them.

    My Top Ten Tuesday
    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  4. Heh, this reminds me that I reaaaalllly need to read my copy of The Giver. Someone gave it to me for Christmas years ago but I thought it was a little odd and never dived into it.

  5. I really, really, really liked Anna! I have an embarrassing story about it too… Yesterday during the break of my children’s lit class I was in our Education department’s library looking at the YA books they have. Then I started wondering where they come from… thinking (hoping!) that they would maybe get Lola and the Boy Next Door because NONE of my libraries have it in their catalogs yet which is so weird because they usually have them in there before they’re released so patrons can put holds on them. It makes me think that Anna wasn’t that popular in this market and maybe they didn’t buy Lola.

    So, I look around to make sure nobody is around and I walk into the profs office to ask her about this book. Just as I do so three other of my graduate classmates walk in too and hear me asking about this ultimately cheesy YA book. I think my face went beet red! Luckily they all know that I love YA and want to teach middle school someday so it makes sense and they just laughed.

    I’m still worried about how I’m going to get my hands on Lola. I can’t afford to keep buying hardback books but, I just might have to!

    Loved your list – totally agree with all the ones I have read!

  6. I am exactly the same as you – I used to re-read constantly before starting my book blog and reading other blogs! Now I can’t keep up with my TBR pile let alone go back and read books I’ve already read!

  7. You have a few series on your list… I always want to reread A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it’s so long and I’m horrible at series, so it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe once I finally get the three books I’m missing from the series I’ll take the time to. I’d like to read them all in order one after the other.

  8. I am completely with you on this! I used to reread books all the time, but now that I’m book blogging and have tons of books waiting for me to read, I can’t seem to fit in time to do so. I’m slowly trying to get through my reading pile, and once I make a little progress there’s definitely a few things I want to read again.

  9. I think I loved The Great Gatsby back in high school but I’m just not sure why. Got another copy to read it again, but haven’t got to it yet. Hope its as good as I remember (and it must have been considering I only got through maybe half my assigned books)

    Great List

  10. Like you I haven’t reread much since I started blogging! I used to reread a lot when I knew what kind of book I wanted but didn’t have any unread that suited my mood. Now I have way too many on my shelves not to find something!

    I so want to reread the Harry Potter series, too, and though I haven’t put it on my list, I would love to reread Anna and the French Kiss, though maybe a little farther in the future.

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