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A Peek Inside JL&Co’s Record Year

Take a peek inside JL&Co's record year, including details on how much I earned and how the business grew in 2019.

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Going All In With Content Management

JL&Co is going all in on content management -- it's where we thrive and do our most focused and creative work.

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I Said Yes!

On Saturday, September 14, my love Tim proposed to me after three years of dating. Here's how he asked!

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Back to School: What It’s Like to Teach Public Relations as an Adjunct

Back to school! Here's why I teach, how I became an adjunct at Temple University and what it's like to teach an undergraduate public relations course.

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3 Simple Mindset (And Language) Shifts That Can Make a Difference

I noticed some big shifts in my confidence and attitude when I started paying attention to the way I think and speak about myself and my business.

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My Business is at a Crossroads (And To Be Totally Honest, I’m OK With It)

My business is at a crossroads. I see two clear paths JL&Co could take -- and I'm truly not sure which path I'll choose.

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