Get Inspired With The Second Annual Get Gutsy Week

Be inspired by Get Gutsy Week 2015- Jessica LawlorWelcome to Get Gutsy Week 2015!

It all started with a small idea in 2013.

I share what it means to get gutsy all the time here on the blog, but hadn’t yet given YOU the opportunity to tell me what getting gutsy means to you and to share your own experiences and stories.

On a whim, I announced the first-ever Get Gutsy Essay Contest in 2014. A month later, nearly 30 people had shared their gutsy stories, three “winners” were crowned and we celebrated everyone’s success and gutsiness during the first-ever Get Gutsy Week.

Then, in October, all of the stories were compiled and published in a FREE and inspirational ebook. (Grab your copy of the Get Gutsy ebook here!)

A little more than a month ago, I announced the Second Annual Get Gutsy Essay Contest and set a big, scary goal to reach 60 entries this year.

I’m beyond proud to share that this year’s contest features 66 amazing and inspiring Get Gutsy essays. Thank you for helping me reach my gutsy goal!

Of course, as promised, three (edited to add: FOUR!) of the entries will be crowned “winners” and be featured here on the blog this week. Stay tuned for those posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

*Edited (1/23/15) to add: The winners have officially been announced!

Winning Entry #1: #GetGutsy + Get Out Of Your Own Backyard by Sara Frandina

Winning Entry #2: The New York City Marathon by Kim Kawecki

Winning Entry #3: Get Gutsy- Do Something That Scares You by Kate Sommerkamp

Winning Entry #4: Facing Fears and Getting Gutsy by Robin Botie

*Bonus Entry*: How a Diagnosis Led to a New Definition by Jamie Lawlor

BUT, to be honest, all of the entries are winners to me! I was once again completely blown away by each entry and each participant’s vulnerability, willingness to share their story and of course, gutsiness.

That’s why this week we’ll be celebrating the courage and gutsiness of the participants:

Ready to dive in and start reading these amazing stories? You’ll read about topics including traveling the world, quitting jobs, starting businesses, changing directions, running marathons, battling inner demons, scary medical diagnoses, loss, births, new beginnings and so much more.

Be inspired by the 65+ #GetGutsy contest entries below.

1. On Life Plans: My Entry in the Second Annual #GetGutsy Essay Contest by Sarah Hutton

2. Get Gutsy: Don’t Ever Give Up by Elizabeth Mays

3. How I Left My Day Job To Pursue a Freelance Writing Career by Corina Manea

4. Goals Understood To Surpass Yesteryear by Marie-Therese Yokum

5. Running Scared and Getting Gutsy by Dana Sitar

6. On The Rough Side of the Mountain by Lorae Bonamy

7. Get Gutsy: How a Diagnosis Led To A New Definition by Jamie Lawlor

8. Get Gutsy by Jade Barnes

9. Facing Fears and Getting Gutsy by Robin Botie

10. Getting Gutsy in 2015 by Antonisha La’Shay

11. My Get Gutsy Story: Small Wins and Book Blogs by Brittany Berger

12. Scary vs. Gutsy by Megan Wagner

13. Sometimes It’s Okay To Sweat The Small Stuff by Rachel Lewullis

14. Get Gutsy: Everyday Living by Abbigail Kriebs

15. Getting Gutsy: Noise, Neurons and a New Year by Cat Kessler

16. Reflection on Twenty Years of Gutsy Moments by Mandy Fernandez

17. Get Gutsy: Be Better Than Yesterday by Amanda Piccirilli

18. How Getting Gutsy Changed My Life by Vanessa Meads

19. Gutsy Is Sprinting The Extra Mile(s) by Stephanie Vermillion

20. Little “A” Moments by Alex Crispino

21. Quitting My Job to Freelance Full-time: 3 Ways I’m Getting Gutsy in 2015 by Gina Horkey

22. The Voice by Ron Vitale

23. Getting Gutsy On My Own by Caroline Winn

24. My Theme For 2015: Vulnerability by Jessica Malnik

25. Why 2014 Was The Best Year Ever by Jill Dretzka

26. How I Got Gutsy by Jen Lawson

27. The Story of Tom Thumb Inside My Cupboard by Joseph Ratliff

28. Getting Gutsy by Holly Berg

29. Getting Gutsy By Going Solo by Amy Angelilli

30. How To Get Gutsy and Make The Big Ask To Influential People by Williesha Morris

31. Sometimes It Takes Guts Just To Get Out Of Bed by Penny Hawes

32. No Turning Back: Making The Gutsy Move For a Brighter Future by Simon Oh

33. What Wearing Dresses For A Month Taught Me by Kayla Sheely

34. From Paranoid Schizophrenic to a Life of Service by Don Karp

35. Getting Gutsy and Finally Sharing My Voice In 2015 by Kelli M. White

36. Getting Gutsy In 2015 by Betsy Decillis

37. My Plans to Get Gutsy in 2015 by Lauren K. Gray

38. Life Sucker-Punched Me (Twice!) But I Fought Back by Janelle F.

39. Getting Gutsy for Autism by Keith Green

40. Getting Gutsy in 2015 by Chrystina Noel

41. Dreaming big while staying in the moment: Getting gutsy on the trails and beyond by Christine Sandvik

42. Accepting My Reality by Josh Wilgruber

43. #GetGutsy 2: Getting *Ultra* Gutsy by Brie Hemingway

44. Get Gutsy: Do Something That Scares You by Katherina Sommerkamp

45. #GetGutsy by Chelsea Hudson

46. A Year in Words by Samantha Un

47. Get Gutsy: Get To Know Our World by Jennifer Connor

48. The Gutsiest Move I Ever Made by Steph Sides

49. 2015 Is My Gutsy Year by Kathryn Erickson

50. Changing Horses In Mid-Life by Beti Spangel

51. Get Gutsy: FORE Golf by Stephanie Bywra

52. Getting In Touch With My Guts by Victoria Musgrave

53. Get Gutsy Moving Out Of My Way To Become Me by Tiff B.

54. Getting Gutsy: A Digital Nomad Adventure by Cristina Roman

55. Getting Gutsy: Living in Lyon by Colleen Rakowski

56. KR Creative Gets Gutsy by Katie Radke

57. Geting Gutsy About Getting Pregnant by Courtney Marie

58. The Lights Are So Bright by Samantha M.

59. I Told the Story of My Sexual Assault and Healed My Voice in the Process by Kerri Lowe

60. Coming To Terms & Getting Gutsy by Kaitie Burger

61. The New York City Marathon by Kimberly Kawecki

62. Getting Gutsy One Mile At A Time by Holly Bitter

63. #GetGutsy + Get Out Of Your Own Backyard by Sara Frandina

64. Get Gutsy Essay Contest by Ashley Chaves

65. Getting Gutsy in 2015: Because I Said So by Kathleen Garvin

66. Cicelee Got Gutsy…And Is Still Getting Gutsy by Cicelee Chappelle

*Please note: the entries are not listed above in any particular order- simply by the order they were received.

Check out the #GetGutsy Essay Contest Pinterest Board for a visual representation of these inspiring stories!

Did you miss your chance to enter the contest and share your #GetGutsy story? No need to worry!

Even though the contest has officially ended for 2015 (and will return in 2016, of course!), it’s never too late to share your story! Feel free to write your own post on your blog and we’ll link to it here on during a weekly Start Your Week Right Sunday roundup. Just drop me a line to let me know you’ve posted your own #GetGutsy story!

Thank you to the more than 65 people who participated in this year’s essay contest! Do you have a favorite Get Gutsy essay contest entry? Tell me in the comments below!

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