The Obligatory End of Year 2010 Goal Evaluation Post

It’s that time again…it’s the end of the year where bloggers everywhere are taking the time to do some good old reflecting and evaluating. Evaluating the books they’ve read, the characters they’ve loved, new authors they’ve discovered and perhaps most important, their own goals or resolutions. I’m a big fan of goal setting (stay tuned tomorrow for my 2011 goals) but even more than setting goals, I love checking back in and evaluating my goals. Nothing feels better than reaching reaching a goal and mentally crossing it off the list.

Last year, I broke my goals up into four categories: reading, writing, blogging and personal. Let’s see how I did…

Reading Goals:

1. Read 85 books this year.

Yes…I just made my goal reading 87 books this year! Check!

2. Branch out of my usual genres of Chicklit and YA and try some other types of books.

I sort of succeeded on this one. I read a few non-fiction books and also read a few memoirs. In 2011, I definitely want to branch out even more. Semi-check!

3. Write a book review for at least 70 out of those 85 books.

Yikes, this was a close call. I just hit 70 with my review on Tuesday. I ended up counting partial book reviews (from books I couldn’t finish, but did review and from one book that I reviewed mid-way through) so I count this as a half success. It would have been nicer if they had all been full reviews, but that’s okay. Something to shoot for next year! Semi-check!

4. Keep utilizing my library, but also try to purchase more books from the bookstore and from book sales.

I didn’t purchase as many books in the bookstore as I would have liked, but I definitely found some gems at various book sales and thrift stores. Check!

Writing Goals:

1. Work on the novel for at least 2 hours a week.

Fail. Epic fail. I did a lot of novel writing during my creative writing class in the spring, but after that, I pretty much fell off the grid. This MUST change  in 2011.

2. Find new avenues to write in: guest blogs, freelance pieces, fiction, poetry, journaling.

Didn’t do too hot on this one either.I focused a lot of my energy in 2010 on job searching, reading, and developing this blog. This is something to add to my 2011 list.

3. Keep finding and reading great resources about writing to improve my writing even more.

This is one goal that I absolutely 100 percent completed. I found SO many awesome blogs and websites to help me improve my writing. From agent blogs to author blogs to fellow aspiring writers blogs- so many awesome resources! Check, check and check!

4. Complete a creative writing course.

I took a creative writing class during my last semester of college and I absolutely loved it! I was able to expose myself to many different types of writing and I learned how to be a better critiquer. I was forced to write out of my genre and to respond to many different prompts that I probably would never try out on my own. I had 20 pages of my WIP critiqued and I took  A LOT away from those critiques.

Blogging Goals:

1. Continue posting at least 5 times a week.

Since I’ve moved over to my own domain, I definitely think I’ve kept up a pretty steady posting schedule. There were a few weeks in the spring (again, during the time of the dreadful job search and last semester of college) that I took a few small breaks, but in general, I’ve kept up the content on Cover to Cover. Check!

2. Increase the amount of writing-related content on the blog.

I think I definitely succeeded on this one. During my creative writing class, I posted a few of my writing prompts and throughout the year, I’ve interviewed several different authors and aspiring authors about their writing processes. Check!

3. Participate in more blog contests, swaps, memes and challenges.

Yes! I continued my participation in It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?, Waiting on Wednesday and I joined In My Mailbox for the first time in 2010. I also joined the 2011 Debut Author Challenge and have a plan to read lots of 2011 debuts! Check!

4. Connect and create relationships with more book bloggers!

Absolutely completed this goal! I met so many awesome bloggers (many who I met through In My Mailbox) as well as other aspiring writers. Check!

Personal Goals:

1. Graduate with honors in May 2010

In May, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Public Relations. Check.

2. Obtain a PR job by the time I graduate (or shortly after)

I graduated on May 13 and received a job offer the following week while I was on vacation. I checked my voicemail on the beach in Jamaica, heard the job offer and promptly starting bawling tears of happiness. It was a beautiful moment that I’m so glad my mom caught a photo of. I started my job in June and I absolutely love it. Check.

3.  Worry less.

When I made my goal list last January, I was really worrying a lot about things that weren’t in my control. I still do, but not as much. If anything, I just worry about different things now; more “adult” things like paying back my student loans, paying my credit card bill, etc. Guess I’ll have to continue working on this one in 2011!

4. Find ME time.

Now that I have a set schedule every day with my full time job, I’ve definitely been able to schedule ME time into my life. ME time is after work when I relax with a glass of wine, read a book, head to the gym, catch up on reading all of your awesome blogs.

So, did you evaluate your 2010 resolutions/goals? How did you do?


6 thoughts on “The Obligatory End of Year 2010 Goal Evaluation Post”

  1. Great goals!!! I’ve always been interested in going to a creative writing course, I’ve always loved writing just not ever wanted to do anything professionally, I also want some ME time!! Really need that one. Good luck on all of these! =)

  2. Those are awesome goals, and congrats on completing most of them! I love setting goals as well and hope I can be as successful in 2011 as you were in 2010.

  3. Hey, lady! Great post! I’m so impressed by your specific goals! They definitely lend themselves to accountability, which I think is the best way to go (and where I need to improve on mine the most!). Be proud of your accomplishments! Good luck with the novel! Don’t force it. You’ll get it done when inspiration hits!

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