Everything Has Changed

Think about yourself one year ago today.

What were you like? Where did you work? What did you do for fun? How did you feel on a daily basis? Were you happy? Did you want more?

I started thinking about the Jessica of one year ago today yesterday after a coffee meeting.

I met my former boss in Bensalem, the town I previously worked in for four years.

After our catch-up session and a walk down memory lane, I decided to take my old, yet familiar commute back to my parent’s house.

As I drove down the very road I traveled day in and day out for more than four years, I couldn’t help but think about the girl I was a mere 365 days ago.


One year ago, I had just become a yoga teacher. I didn’t even have my own permanent class at a studio yet. Instead, I was subbing as much as I could, loving teaching and obsessed with my yoga practice. I was nervous I’d never get the chance to really hone my teaching skills.

Today, I teach five yoga classes a week at three different studios in the area. I have several workshops lined up for the fall/winter, teach a local college’s rowing team and am constantly amazed at the gifts and purpose teaching yoga continues to bring me.

One year ago, I was nearly four years into a job as the communications manager at a tourism office. I wasn’t unhappy, but I also wasn’t challenged or excited. I was freelancing/blogging in my spare hours, but I had no clue that just a few short months later, I’d quit that comfortable, safe and stable job for the unknown.

Today, I am the CEO of my own business. I just hired my first team member. I applied for an LLC. I teach a college-level PR course. I speak at conferences. If you had told me all of this 365 days ago, I would have laughed at you. Not because I didn’t believe in myself, but because I wouldn’t have believed that it all could happen so fast.

One year ago, I was living at home with my family. No shame; I loved living with my family and I knew I was saving money for something bigger. I didn’t yet know what that something bigger was; at one point, it was saving for a big trip to Europe that didn’t happen. Eventually, the goal became to save money to start my business.

Today, I live in an amazing two-bedroom apartment by myself in my dream neighborhood. Every time I walk through the doors, I look around and smile because everything in here is mine. I purchased it with money I earned and saved. I marvel at the quiet; the peace that is this space I’ve created. This space I get to call my own.

One year ago, I was single AF. Well, single AF and slightly heartbroken after a whirlwind romance gone bad. I felt a little bit hopeless when it came to dating and relationships. Frustrated with online dating, I nearly deleted all of my dating apps, ready to throw in the towel.

Today, I’m in a new relationship. A relationship that excites me and gives me butterflies. One with a complete stranger who I met online (good thing I didn’t actually delete those dating apps, huh?)

One year ago, life was good. Great, even. I was not unhappy one year ago. I don’t say all of these things to show that in one year my life went from crappy to amazing. That’s definitely not the case. 2015 Jessica was doing just fine, but she knew she could be better. She knew there was more out there.

Today, life isn’t perfect, but it’s exciting. I’m challenged on a daily basis. I’m welcoming new opportunities and people into my life on a regular basis. I’m doing things my way.

As I drove home yesterday, I thought about all of these things. All of these crazy life changes that have taken place in less than the span of one year.

I expected none of this. I anticipated none of this.

These changes felt small and gradual in the moment, but added up to be the big, major turning points of my life.

Again, I ask you to think about yourself from one year ago today.

And now think about yourself one year in the future.

Who knows what the year ahead holds for you?

If you’re feeling discontent or sad or anxious or lonely, know that major change can happen when you least expect it. When you aren’t even looking. When you’re just going about your life doing your thing.

Be open to it.

You never know.

One year from now, you might be driving on an old familiar road, listening to a song that reminds you of a past time and you might have this lightbulb HOLY SHIT moment like I experienced yesterday.

And you might realize that in what feels like the blink of an eye, everything…absolutely everything, has changed.


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