Start Your Week Right Sunday: Links and Goals

start your week right- Jessica Lawlor

Photo of the week: Elfreth’s Alley, Philly’s oldest continuously inhabited residential street. So beautiful (and patriotic, too, right?!)

Start your week right! Every Sunday I post my favorite links from around the web and share my goals for the upcoming week.


On Life:

When You Want All “The Answers” Right Now: Sometimes I feel like Jess Lively is inside my brain and this podcast episode was definitely one of those moments. She explores how she’s coping with wanting to know all “the answers.” I’m feeling this way as I prepare to start a new adventure in August and I just want to know what’s going to happen.

On Blogging:

Then and Now: Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging: This is *seriously* inspiring. Check out how Carrie from Careful Cents has grown her blog’s income over five years. I also love the breakdown of her blog expenses- it’s not always cheap to run a successful blog!

On Dating & Relationships:

Chronic Singleness, Shame and Accepting What Is: Oh man, Stephany speaks to my soul with this beautifully written post about being single.

On Making Plans:

Making Last Minute Plans: Such an interesting topic that I have never really thought about: making last minute plans. As a huge planner, I don’t often find myself making last minute plans, but I appreciate Chrystina Noel’s perspective on filling those random pockets of time and leaving room to make and accept these fun plans.

On Working Remotely:

13 Lessons Learned From My First Year as a Remote Community Manager: Work from home or from the road? It’s not always easy. Here are 13 lessons Jessica Malnik learned during her first year working as a remote community manager. I can relate to a lot of these now that I am also working from home.

This Week on

Why Don’t We Celebrate Our Wins?: As solopreneurs, small business owners and awesome individuals with goals, we often don’t take the time to celebrate our wins, big and small. Why is that?


  • Enjoy a beautiful week down the shore! This week marks the beginning of my weekly back and forth journey between OCNJ and Philadelphia for the month of July.
  • Balance work/beach time. I’m planning to try to work most mornings and beach it in the afternoons.
  • Run on the boardwalk most mornings. Go to yoga on the other days.

Have any links or goals you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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