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You’ve recognized that the best things in life happen outside your comfort zone.

You’re ready to get gutsy.

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This is not MY ebook. This is truly YOUR ebook, a work of the entire Get Gutsy community. These are the stories of those who participated in the 2014 #GetGutsy essay contest.

These are your stories.

Get Gutsy Ebook by Jessica LawlorBe inspired by the nearly 20 people who agreed to share their very personal stories with the world.

When you dive into the book, you’ll read compelling essays about:

  • Overcoming depression
  • Quitting a soul-sucking job to pursue a dream
  • Moving to a brand new, unfamiliar city
  • Conquering long-distance races
  • Traveling the world
  • Losing more than 30 lbs and embracing a healthy lifestyle

Most importantly, you’ll walk away inspired. You’ll walk away with admiration and respect for the authors of these stories-people who opened up about their struggles, their passions and their achievements.

You’ll walk away motivated to do the very same- to step outside your comfort zone every once in awhile…and to live a more gutsy life.

Enjoy…and get gutsy.

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What Others Think of the Get Gutsy Ebook

“THANK YOU for your e-book, it is a wonderful gift. Your book came to my life at the precise moment that I needed it.” -Graciela Rivera Rosa


  • Thank you to the wonderful contributors of the book: Kami Mattioli, Caroline Winn, Amy Chick, Emily Ascani, Dana Sitar, Meg Huber, Andrea Mueller, Megan Johnson, Janelle, Brie Hemingway, Katlynn Ni, Jade Barnes, Elizabeth Mays, Alex Crispino, Jessica Hammond, Abbigail Kriebs, Sarah Schmeer, Kathleen Garvin and Lyssa Campbell.
  • Special thanks to my fabulous graphic designer, Sierra Elmore of 13 Elm Streets who put just as much energy and love into this book that I did.