Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Into a More Balanced, Purposeful Career & Life

On Monday, August 8, 2016 and again on March 7, 2017, I had the pleasure of presenting “Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Into a More Balanced, Purposeful Career & Life” to members of the Florida Public Relations Association at their Annual Conference and members of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association- Women in Hospitality group.

More than 60 people joined the session, eager to learn tricks and tools for finding more purpose and balance.


Curious about what you missed? Check out the session description, presentation and recommended reading.

Do you want to jump out of bed every morning excited to tackle the day ahead? Would you like to embrace adventure and explore new opportunities? Do you want to find more balance and less insanity in your career and life? There’s one thing you must do: step out of your comfort zone. I believe that getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key to reaching your goals, discovering your potential and living a life that makes you truly happy. In this session, I shared stories, tricks and tools for for finding more balance and purpose in your career and life.


Here’s what attendees had to say about the session:

“Jessica Lawlor connected with an audience of PR professionals that raved about her insights and philosophies after hearing her speak about stepping out of our comfort zones. As a young professional in the communication field, with so much possibility to grow, it was truly eye opening to listen to what Jessica had to teach us about getting gutsy. I am walking away from the FPRA 78th Annual Conference with a new outlook on how to make work a happier place, and how to make my body a healthier sanctuary.” -Jacqueline Kooser, Social Media Coordinator at Evok Advertising

“I had the pleasure of hearing Jessica Lawlor speak at the 2016 Florida Public Relations Association conference. It was by far one of my favorite presentations of the event, due to Jessica’s ability to engage and provide valuable insight into how we can all step out of our comfort zones and discover our full potential in life. As a communications professional, I am often thrown into uncomfortable situations that leave me vulnerable to stress. Jessica’s style, confidence and key take-aways really made a lasting impression on me. I highly recommend Jessica as a public speaker and I hope I have the chance to work with her in the future!” -Lisa Murray, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, Interop Technologies

“Jessica shared life lessons for taking that leap of faith. She coached us to focus on our core values, passion and what matters to us most in life. Jessica’s drive and willingness to see you succeed is simply inspiring and quite refreshing.” – Suzanne Geyer, Associate Executive Director, Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association

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I LOVE speaking to small and large groups about a variety of topics around stepping outside your comfort zone, public relations, social media, personal branding and careers.

Below are a few ideas of topics I speak about:

  • Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Into a More Balanced, Purposeful Career & Life
  • Hustle Hard: Promoting Yourself & Your Business
  • Brand Boost:Use Your Current Platform to Find New Opportunities
  • Personal branding and blogging: where to begin
  • Social Media to Drive Business Results
  • How To Become a Freelance Writer
  • Public Relations: Share Your Story With The Media

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