Behind-The-Scenes of the Launch of The Writer’s Bundle (And How You Can Grab $1,667 worth of writing resources for $99)

Since starting my business, I’ve had the chance to work on some seriously cool projects.  It’s the beauty of being your own boss; I get to choose the type of work I want to do and the people I want to work with. That’s why I felt extra lucky in September when I began working with a […]

This Is Why Your Guest Post Pitch Was Rejected

As the managing editor for two popular blogs that accept guest contributions — The Write Life and Muck Rack — I spend most of my days reviewing and responding to pitches and submissions. To give some context, in February, The Write Life received 119 legitimate pitches/submissions. Legitimate, meaning, from actual people; not the messages from spambots […]

What It’s Like To Co-Write a Blog Post

If you’re a writer or a blogger, you likely know that writing can often be a solitary pursuit. For years, I’ve written blog posts, essays, papers, journal entries and more…yet I’ve always written alone. And for the most part, I’ve been okay with that. Until I realized just how rewarding it is to write something […]

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane: My Writing History

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. I’m not sure at exactly what age or which moment I knew for sure, but throughout my life, there have been some “defining moments” that I’ve pinpointed that remind me that from an early age, writing has  always been my dream. A […]

Why I Write

I write to remember. Being quite a nostalgic person, I want to remember every detail of every single day from the mundane to the extraordinary. Never know when those tid-bits might come in handy. I write to forget. Writing about the bad or sad things that happen in my life helps me to put negative […]

Just Write

Even though I love to write, I can think of about a million and one excuses for why I’m not writing. Writers are often skilled procrastinators, too, you know. Back in July, J.C. Hutchins wrote an incredible blog post that got the attention of many, including myself, in the online writing community called: Are You […]

Write On Con: Live Chat with Suzie Townsend

Yesterday, I posted about this awesome online writing conference going on RIGHT NOW (until Thursday!). My favorite part of this online conference so far are the live chats. Although I didn’t watch and participate live, I caught up on the transcript later….can I just say again how very convenient this conference is for us working […]