They Actually Work: 10 Real Strategies I’m Using to Grow My Instagram

Over the past three months, I’ve challenged myself to do something a bit outside the scope of my normal work — outside of my “business/blog comfort zone.” I set out to grow my Instagram following — a feat much more difficult than I ever anticipated. On July 3, I had 1,348 followers on Instagram. Today in […]

Becoming CEO: #ClientLove Update (Round 2)

For those who are just catching up, in December, I made a career (and life) changing announcement. I resigned from my job working in public relations to take my business, blog, brand and teaching full time. I’m bringing you along for the ride, giving you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the exact steps I’m taking to make solopreneurship […]

You’re Invited! Join The Get Gutsy Twitter Chat on Wednesday, January 21

You’re invited to the first-ever Get Gutsy Twitter Chat! In celebration of the Second Annual Get Gutsy Week and Essay Contest, we’ll be having a virtual party all week long to recognize and celebrate your gutsiness. On Wednesday night from 8-9 p.m. EST, we’ll be hosting an hour-long Twitter chat to talk all things gutsy. […]

Want To Be A Better Friend and Networker? You Need To Check Out These 3 Tools

One of my major goals for 2015 is to be more thoughtful, intentional and up-to-date when it comes to staying in touch with the people I love and respect. It sounds super simple, but in a busy world where we’re all so focused on our own goals and paths, it’s not always easy to remember […]

Hello Beautiful! How A Blow Dry Bar Goes Above and Beyond To Make Customers Feel Amazing

Last summer, a friend introduced me to an amazing concept I’d never heard of before- a blow dry bar. We were heading to a formal event one night in August and she suggested we get our hair done for the party and mentioned a local business called BLO/OUT. I wasn’t familiar, but was definitely intrigued. What’s a blow […]

The Truth About Social Media

All throughout the month of May, I participated in my yoga studio’s pose-off challenge. Each day, the owner of the studio posted the pose of the day on social media and participants were challenged to take a picture in the pose and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you followed along, I shared […]

Developing Your Personal Brand: Tactical Tips for Using a Blog To Stand Out From The Crowd

Want even more personal branding tips? I’m teaching a session on personal branding for freelance writers in an online course called Launch A Freelance Writing Career. You’ll get access to five freelance writing experts + I’m giving away bonus materials to those who sign up through my blog. Click here for more details and to register. (The course began […]