I Looked at Timehop Every Day For a Year (And Then I Deleted The App)

Are you familiar with Timehop? The popular app “gathers your social media content and photos from across your favorite platforms and shows it to you on its anniversary, everyday.” Timehop is a pretty freaking cool app — one I’ve been a fan of for the past few years. As described above, Timehop rounds up ALLLLLL of […]

They Actually Work: 10 Real Strategies I’m Using to Grow My Instagram

Over the past three months, I’ve challenged myself to do something a bit outside the scope of my normal work — outside of my “business/blog comfort zone.” I set out to grow my Instagram following — a feat much more difficult than I ever anticipated. On July 3, I had 1,348 followers on Instagram. Today in […]

Becoming CEO: #ClientLove Update (Round 2)

For those who are just catching up, in December, I made a career (and life) changing announcement. I resigned from my job working in public relations to take my business, blog, brand and teaching full time. I’m bringing you along for the ride, giving you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the exact steps I’m taking to make solopreneurship […]

You’re Invited! Join The Get Gutsy Twitter Chat on Wednesday, January 21

You’re invited to the first-ever Get Gutsy Twitter Chat! In celebration of the Second Annual Get Gutsy Week and Essay Contest, we’ll be having a virtual party all week long to recognize and celebrate your gutsiness. On Wednesday night from 8-9 p.m. EST, we’ll be hosting an hour-long Twitter chat to talk all things gutsy. […]

Want To Be A Better Friend and Networker? You Need To Check Out These 3 Tools

One of my major goals for 2015 is to be more thoughtful, intentional and up-to-date when it comes to staying in touch with the people I love and respect. It sounds super simple, but in a busy world where we’re all so focused on our own goals and paths, it’s not always easy to remember […]

Hello Beautiful! How A Blow Dry Bar Goes Above and Beyond To Make Customers Feel Amazing

Last summer, a friend introduced me to an amazing concept I’d never heard of before- a blow dry bar. We were heading to a formal event one night in August and she suggested we get our hair done for the party and mentioned a local business called BLO/OUT. I wasn’t familiar, but was definitely intrigued. What’s a blow […]

The Truth About Social Media

All throughout the month of May, I participated in my yoga studio’s pose-off challenge. Each day, the owner of the studio posted the pose of the day on social media and participants were challenged to take a picture in the pose and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you followed along, I shared […]