Hello Beautiful! How A Blow Dry Bar Goes Above and Beyond To Make Customers Feel Amazing

Last summer, a friend introduced me to an amazing concept I’d never heard of before- a blow dry bar. We were heading to a formal event one night in August and she suggested we get our hair done for the party and mentioned a local business called BLO/OUT. I wasn’t familiar, but was definitely intrigued. What’s a blow […]

How to do PR for your Personal Brand

Since I became active on social media nearly six years ago, I’ve abided by one simple rule: treat myself as I would my company or client. That means putting in the work to develop a personal brand that I’m proud of, promote my blog posts and develop a strong community on social media. People often […]

Five Hot PR and Social Media Trends For 2014

Want a glimpse into the future of what’s hot in PR, marketing and social media for 2014? Allow me to let you in on a little secret. The future is already here and brands need to get on board now. In the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of attending two fantastic conferences that […]

Land That Job: Top 6 Tips for Internship and Job Seekers

There’s no doubt about it; applying for internships and jobs can be challenging. Career advice ranges from person to person and industry to industry. Ask 10 people the same career-related question and get 10 very different answers. It’s enough to drive any job seeker crazy. One of my favorite parts of my full-time job working […]

Social Media Marketing Done Right: How FatCow Won My Heart (And Business) For Life

Because I work in PR and social media, I keep my eyes and ears open for the latest trends, news and case studies of companies who just get social media marketing. I thought I was at the point where nothing much could impress me…after all, companies will do almost anything to get attention online. But […]

Behind the Scenes at America’s #1 Haunted House: Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind The Walls”

Take the girl who hates scary movies, refuses to go through haunted houses and gets startled at the drop of a pin and put her in the middle of America’s #1 Haunted House. I’m sure you can guess what happens. The last time I went to Eastern State Penitentiary’s famous Terror Behind the Walls, I […]

Good Pitch, Bad Pitch

Last month, I published an open letter to (bad) publicists and (uninformed) authors. I wasn’t surprised by the number of comments from other book bloggers lamenting the same thing when it comes to untargeted pitches. A few days after publishing the post, I received an impressive email pitch from Doubleday/Knopf publicist Jillian Wohlfarth. This email […]