Stepping Out Of My Health & Fitness Comfort Zone (Again)

And so it seems that every time you step out of your comfort zone, that comfort zone stretches just a litttttttle more, making each next step a bit scarier. But, as I’ve always said, the best things in life start happening when you push yourself just beyond that point of discomfort. Better known here, of […]

Stop Saying Yes To Things You Don’t Want To Do

Time for a crowd poll. Anyone guilty of agreeing to plans you’re really not into? How about going to events you don’t want to be at? Taking on a commitment you know you can’t handle at the moment? *Raises hand* You, like me, my friend are falling prey to saying yes to things you straight up […]

A Digital Decluttering + 15 Blogs I’m Obsessed With

Just like every new season I get the bug to declutter my closet, every few months, I feel a serious urge to declutter my digital life.  A little Internet self-reinvention, if you will. When I start to feel this urge, nothing is off the table: My inbox, the photos saved on my computer, the apps […]

What I’m Listening To: 50+ Podcasts To Download Now

It’s no secret. Podcasts are so hot right now.  When I discovered the world of podcasts about four years ago, I felt like I stumbled upon an amazing secret.  I promptly ditched the radio playing the same crappy song over and over again, and filled my morning commutes, workouts and general errand-running and lounging around […]

The 96-Word Story That’s Blowing My Mind

Every once in awhile I hear a quote or a poem or a story that sticks with me for days. That’s exactly what happened recently when I heard Jess Lively refer to a story called “The Two Wolves” on a podcast episode. Immediately, I pressed pause and headed over to Google to learn more. Lots of different variations […]

Happy and Whole

Every morning when I wake up, one of the first things I do before getting out of bed is check my email for my daily Note from the Universe. I know, I know. You’re not supposed to check your email right when you wake up, but believe me, this email sets my day off on […]

Everything Has Changed

Think about yourself one year ago today. What were you like? Where did you work? What did you do for fun? How did you feel on a daily basis? Were you happy? Did you want more? I started thinking about the Jessica of one year ago today yesterday after a coffee meeting. I met my former boss […]