Big Blog Changes Are Coming (Or, Why It’s OK To Do Whatever the Hell You Want On Your Blog)

For awhile there, I was in a rut. Remember? A big part of that rut had to do with this very blog. You see, when I launched my rebranded blog in 2012, I purposefully kept the topic general. I chose the theme “Get Gutsy” as sort of a catch-all for writing about whatever I wanted […]

This Is Why Your Guest Post Pitch Was Rejected

As the managing editor for two popular blogs that accept guest contributions — The Write Life and Muck Rack — I spend most of my days reviewing and responding to pitches and submissions. To give some context, in February, The Write Life received 119 legitimate pitches/submissions. Legitimate, meaning, from actual people; not the messages from spambots […]

Boost Your Brand: 15 Ideas to Use Your Current Platform to Find New Opportunities

If you have a blog, guess what? You have a brand. You ARE a brand. Even if you’ve only been blogging for a little while or don’t feel you have much pull or influence, since you’ve already created a brand, there are SO many ways you can leverage your current platform to find new and […]

You Can’t Do It Alone

The truth is, most goals can’t be accomplished alone. While setting a goal can be an internal and deeply-rooted process, when it comes to actually working toward and achieving a big goal? You need a cheer squad. People to support you, push you, challenge you and encourage you along the way. That’s where an accountability arrangement comes in. Whether […]

Staying True To Who You Are

In a world where it’s so easy to be influenced by the people and things happening around you, it’s often challenging to be true to yourself and stay firm in your beliefs and values. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really means to be true to who you are…staying true to your personality, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating An Amazing About Page

One of the dreaded tasks on my blogging to-do list for the past year has been a complete overhaul of my blog’s About Page. The About Page (or aptly-named Meet Jessica page on my site) is the most critical page a blogger will write. It’s one of the first pages readers typically click to when […]

How To Be Nice On The Internet

Let’s face it…there’s A LOT of negativity on the Internet. From snarky articles to mean tweets to the never-ending feeling of FOMO that a constant stream of social media brings, sometimes being online can just be overwhelming. But  there’s also a lot of kindness on the Internet. And there are ways that you can add […]